Client Relationship Management or CRM, is often neglected by Law Firms, which is not best practice, given the high costs of client acquisition in the first instance.

Good CRM is all about regular communication with existing and previous clients, to re-enforce their affinity with your services and brand to create either new instructions, or referrals, both of which are the most cost effective claims you will ever receive.

There are some very simple CRM strategies that you can put in place.

The first is newsletters. You can produce these at whatever frequency you choose, monthly, quarterly, half yearly – the most important aspect is that you keep the content interesting, relevant and concise and of course that you produce a quality product.

If you aren’t capturing client e mail addresses, you should start now, as that’s the most cost effective way to communicate.

If you haven’t got e mail addresses then a quarterly posted news letter might be appropriate.

If you haven’t got these processes in place then a global mailing to all current and former clients is probably the place to start. This can be a simple one page letter, reminding clients of the services you provide. This could include a plastic card as a keepsake with your contact details on, or could offer Friends and Family referral bonus, or some other incentive like a Free Legal consultation. Or it could be something more sophisticated like a Free Legal Expenses policy.

Once this is place and the lines of communication are re-opened, you can continue with regular news letters by post or email.

Prima Legal Marketing has been providing advice on this type of communication for many years to law firms and we would be happy to provide you with advice and guidance on what to produce. Of course we also provide a copywriting, creative production, printing and mailing service, to save you both time and money.

At the next level, some firm have taken the step to communicating with clients via outbound calls. This service would be provided by a professional Outbound Call Centre organisation working to closely controlled compliant scripts, to deliver messages about your legal services on a more personal basis, over the telephone.

A truly integrated strategy, can build on this regular Outbound communication to promote other legal services which your firm may not offer, but which your clients require. These services can then be referred between firms on an inter solicitor basis. For example a Conveyancing firm will have clients requiring Personal Injury services and a Personal Injury firm will have clients requiring Conveyancing services. There is no reason why the two firms can’t refer clients to each other, under a commercial fee sharing arrangement.

If you are interested in discussing opportunities to improve or implement new Client Relationship Management services, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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