Once your Web Site has been re-launched, one of the ways to market your site is to start a regional Pay Per Click campaign.

By implementing a PPC campaign you will be able to place advertising within the Google Paid Links Matrix, which sits above the Google Organics Matrix.

This creates an instantaneous response, as Google will continue to place your adverts within the Paid Links Matrix until your budget is effectively spent. The cost of the PPC is determined by the number of your competitors who are looking to advertise in the same way for the same Keywords.

Keywords are words or phrases that individual prospective clients type into the Google search engine, when they are searching for a service, for example “Solicitors in London”, or “compensation claims”.

Some Keywords cost more than others and we would make recommendations as to which Keywords to target depending on the types of claims you want to generate, but we envisage the average Cost per Click (CPC) will be around £20.

The regional aspect of the campaign is key, however, as it will allow you to target Keywords in your geographic area. That should make your campaign significantly more cost effective and also allows you to effectively compete for advertising space on Google with the big national brands, but in your local area.

With a PPC campaign, as with any other Direct Marketing campaign, Prima Legal Marketing always advocates a “Test and Measure” approach.

Some Keywords will generate more enquiries than others, so it’s important to increase your budgets gradually over time, making sure that you are not over spending in areas which aren’t producing sensible and commercially viable returns for you, in terms of the Cost Per Case. By adopting a Test and Measure approach, PLM would manage your spend over time to achieve your target requirements in terms of enquiry volumes and Cost per Case. Within reason of course – you shouldn’t be expecting to generate claims for £100 Cost per Case. If your current Cost per Case from referrals is say £650, then you should set your targets accordingly. Direct Marketing is about generating claims through your own activity to reduce your reliance on outside sources, it’s not about getting claims in cheaper. If that happens, it’s a bonus, but it shouldn’t be the criteria by which the success of any campaign is measured.

In addition, we will support the PPC campaigns with Contextual Targeting and Affiliate advertising, which we will explain to you in detail if you want to move forward.

It is widely accepted that Offline marketing spend (Press, Radio, TV etc) drives Online response, as prospective clients search for your brand online and enquire through your Web Site rather than via your Press advert.

It’s also widely accepted that if your Online spend is going to be significant, then you will need to spend between 30-40% of your Direct Marketing budget Offline (Press, Radio, TV etc) in order to support your Online activity. That’s because, unless you invest in the Offline spend, your brand will not be recognised by prospective clients Online and they may be more likely to click on competitor brands which are more familiar to them.

The reverse is also true, if you are marketing Offline regionally, then a prospective client searching a national “claims or legal” brand Online, may see your Online advert and click through to you because your regional Offline marketing has created brand recognition and they think “local”, particularly for a potentially personal service like legal advice.

The final key point about any PPC campaign, which also equally applies to SEO, and all other forms of Direct Marketing, is that it doesn’t matter how many enquiries you generate if your Enquiry Management systems aren’t set up properly. So please have a look at our section on Enquiry Management to find out how we can help you to maximise your returns from your enquiries.

If you are interested in discussing a Direct Marketing Plan for Pay Per Click, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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