Radio advertising can produce effective returns in terms of acquisition Cost per Case, depending on the cost of the particular Radio station, its target audience, when the adverts are run, the creative content and of course how much “claims” competition there is in the air space.

Primal Legal Marketing would be happy to examine these factors in your local area and make recommendations for spend on local Radio advertising. In addition we are often able to secure unsold advertising inventory on national stations like Talk Sport for example, which can also be targeted regionally, which can be bought at reduced prices.

In addition to the direct response conversions from Radio advertising, we would also recommend some regional Radio advertising to support your brand and your Online marketing. It is widely accepted that Offline marketing spend (Press, Radio, TV etc) drives Online response, as prospective clients search for your brand online and enquire through your Web Site, rather than via your Press advert.

It’s also widely accepted that you need to spend between 30-40% of your Direct Marketing budget Offline in order to support your Online activity. That’s because, unless you invest in the Offline spend, your brand will not be recognised by prospective clients Online and they may be more likely to click on competitor brands which are more familiar to them.

The reverse is also true, if you are marketing Offline regionally, then a prospective client searching a national “claims or legal” brand Online, may see your Online advert and click through to you because your regional Offline marketing has created brand recognition and they think “local”, particularly for a potentially personal service like legal advice.

The final point to bear in mind about Radio advertising, like all other forms of Direct Marketing, is that it doesn’t matter how many enquiries you generate if your Enquiry Management systems aren’t set up properly. So please have a look at our section on Enquiry Management to find out how we can help you to maximise your returns from your enquiries.

If you are interested in discussing a Direct Marketing Plan for regional or national Radio, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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