Search Engine Optimisation or “SEO”, is the process of improving your websites position in the Google Organics Matrix for certain defined search terms, or “Keywords”.

Keywords are words or phrases that individual prospective clients type into the Google search engine, when they are searching for a service, for example “Solicitors in London”, or “compensation claims”.

The Google Organics Matrix is the section within the Google Search Engine, just below the Paid Links Matrix (Pay Per Click) at the top of any search results.

Research shows that 75% of Search Engine users never scroll past the first page of results, and 56% of users will click on the website in the number one position in the Google Organics Matrix, as opposed to 20% of users clicking on the Paid Links Matrix. It is therefore vital to undertake SEO work to improve the position of your website within the Google Organics Matrix; otherwise you will lose the opportunity to communicate with 56% of prospective clients searching for your services.

However, SEO is a long term process, it cannot be achieved overnight, no matter what anyone tells you.

You can’t buy immediate results either.

Depending on what types of claims you are targeting, we would review a number of Keywords around those particular claim types and make recommendations as to which ones you should target through SEO. Some of the Keywords will be highly competitive and it may take 12-18 months for you to reach Page One of Google for these, others will have less competition and you may reach Google Page One in a matter of months for these.

A unique part of Prima Legal Marketing’s offer, on any SEO work, is to agree a cost schedule which is based on results. PLM’s cost schedule ensures that you only pay the majority of the cost for keywords, when they have achieved prominent Page One rankings, which means you pay by results.

This is very important, as there is a lot of hot air talked about SEO and lots of empty promises at great expense. We believe in a “pay by results” approach and we think this is a unique approach in the SEO market. So, if you are considering spending money on SEO and we strongly recommend you do, we recommend you talk to us about our approach before you make any decisions which may prove costly in the long run.

In addition to the Google Organics Matrix, there is also the Google Places Matrix, which we also recommend you target through SEO.

The Google Places Matrix appears in the search results when an individual adds a location to a keyword search term, for example “solicitor manchester” or “family law London”.

The Google Places Matrix appears in the Google Organics Matrix as a map, with individual businesses providing services relative to the keywords, identified by a Letter pinpointing their location. By targeting SEO at the Google Places Matrix on a regional basis, you can improve the visibility of your location and as a result drive traffic and enquiries to your website.

The return in terms of enquiries and claims from SEO will build over time, as your selected keywords rise in the Google Organics Listings. You must remember that SEO is not a quick fix, but should be part of a longer term “investment strategy”

Whether you decide to implement all or just part of any Direct Marketing activity recommended, we strongly recommend that you implement the SEO element, at the very least, because of the time taken to achieve rankings and the cost per case, once you achieve prominent rankings, which could be around £200-£300.

We believe that a lot of firms will start to look at SEO as an alternative to Referral Fees once the ban is implemented, so it is vital to embark on this process as soon as possible, to get ahead of the competition.

Social Media

An important additional aspect of any SEO campaign, and indeed all the other Online media channels is your visibility within the various Social Media mediums, in particular Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

As part of any SEO campaign we would also set up and manage Facebook and Twitter accounts on your behalf, posting relevant articles and comments, to assist in building your Online profile, To support this activity, you would need to report any relevant press coverage you receive for inclusion in these sites.

For You Tube, you would need to supply video content. This could be as simple as videos of you explaining the claims process or your success in individual cases, or in some cases firms are getting huge benefits from videos of client testimonials filmed in the office. This sort of unique content is increasingly important online, particularly as Google is always looking to distinguish one Web Site from another.

We can also provide a monthly rental package for smaller budgets.

If you are interested in discussing a Direct Marketing Plan for SEO, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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