Direct Response TV advertising very rarely creates a commercial return in terms of acquisition Cost per Case – that’s a fact.

Companies (mainly Claims brands) undertake DRTV advertising in reality to build national brand recognition, as part of their Offline advertising strategy, which is designed to support their Online activity.

It’s widely accepted that you need to spend between 30-40% of your Direct Marketing budget Offline in order to support your Online activity. That’s because, unless you invest in the Offline spend, your brand will not be recognised by prospective clients Online and they may be more likely to click on competitor brands which are more familiar to them.

The reverse is also true, if you are marketing Offline regionally, then a prospective client searching a national “claims or legal” brand Online, may see your Online advert and click through to you because your regional Offline marketing has created brand recognition and they think “local”, particularly for a potentially personal service like legal advice.

DRTV has been a graveyard for many companies over the years, because significant budgets can disappear overnight before any real analysis on returns can be undertaken.

That said, it is possible to advertise on TV either locally or using the specialist Sky channels at a realistic cost, as long as the spend is managed carefully.

In general Prima Legal Marketing would not recommend DRTV advertising for most firms, simply because of the budget required. We do have clients considering DRTV as part of a national strategy but it is very much a final stage approach, to support the brand once advertising in the other Online and Offline channels is well established.

If you are considering a DRTV campaign from the outset, we would recommend you contact us first to discuss your plans in detail. We do have DRTV advertising connections and can get favourable rates, so we may well be able to save you money if you are planning a DRTV campaign.

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