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In the current environment, your website is your shop window. There’s no point undertaking any direct marketing activity if your website is not designed to appeal to prospective clients, and equipped to drive enquiries, you’re wasting your money.

Prima Legal Marketing and its partners, have years of experience in website design and content management, both in terms of driving enquiries for our own brands and other solicitor brands.

The first stage of your Direct Marketing Plan would therefore be to build a new website, designed specifically to drive enquiries.

A key part of this is to ensure that all the landing pages are relevant to specific accident types and their search terms, not only to retain client engagement, but also to assist with the Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click elements of the Direct Marketing Plan. Web site visitors will give your site an average of 2.5 page clicks. If they have to navigate off your Home Page to begin with, you’ve wasted one click.

The second key aspect is to ensure your Web Sites pages are giving the visitor an immediate and clear picture of what you can do for them. In the low value Fast Track claims environment, that means “How Much” compensation can you get the client and “How Quickly”.

It’s also important not to mix messages. Someone looking for a firm to act on a brain injury case, for example, doesn’t want to see a Web Site full of information about claims for low value whiplash. It may be that you need more than one website therefore, if you have diverse accident and claim types that you want to target.

The final key aspect is how your site is set out, which will help to drive enquiries.

We’ve worked on lots of injury sites and tested lots of creative variations, we think we know what works best, but that’s only been learnt through trial and error at our expense. If you use Prima Legal Marketing for your web design, you should avoid these expensive pitfalls.

It’s worth noting that we often face situations where the Personal Injury department of a larger composite law firm is looking to implement some direct marketing activity. This can often create internal conflicts between departments, where the Personal Injury team want to attract enquiries, as outlined above, but the Corporate team for example want the site to remain targeted at their client base. The two aren’t easy bed fellows and in these circumstances we usually advocate creating a separate Web Site for Personal Injury under a new domain name, to alleviate these conflicts.

The website design would also integrate with the Offline Marketing channels including, Radio, Press, Door Drops and even Direct Response TV advertising, to build brand recognition.

If a new brand needs to be considered we will require your guidance for this. The current consensus is that solicitor brands are beginning to have a stronger appeal to prospective clients than “claims” brands, so we would recommend registering another legal brand like XYZ Legal , XYZ Law or something similar.

Last but not least, a new Web Site won’t break the bank, you will be looking at £1-2,000, depending on the number of pages required.

Once your new Web Site is launched (3-4 weeks) you’ll then need to decide how best to market your site on line using SEO or Pay Per Click.

We can also provide a monthly rental package for smaller budgets.

If you are interested in discussing a new Web Site, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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