Website and SEO Monthly Packages

Your website is now your shop window and the Internet is the new high street.

Latest reports indicate that up to 80% of consumers now use the Internet to search for services – including legal services.

If that’s the case – is your website fit for purpose or could it be improved – and how visible is your website in online search engines compared to your competitors?

Prima Legal Marketing now offer simple low cost website and SEO packages from only £250 a month.

That includes a brand new website design from one of our specially designed templates, incorporating your own logo, content, images and colour scheme, PLUS targeted Search Engine Optimisation to improve your search result rankings locally.

We will typically target the search term “Solicitor in Your Town”, but can target any localised search term of your choice. With our Premium and Premier Packages you can also target search terms on a national basis, i.e. “Employment Solicitors”, “Family Lawyers” etc – again tailored to meet your specific requirements.

With our Monthly Website and SEO packages there’s no up front cost, just a low monthly payment to build your new website design and improve your search rankings through localised Search Engine Optimisation.

We specialise in Legal Marketing – we don’t do marketing for anyone else. We recognise that there are countless web design companies out there in the market but how many actually know anything about the specific needs of law firms?

At Prima Legal Marketing, we have designed a number of template web design packages specifically for law firms, which will dramatically improve your online presence with immediate effect.

Our templates give you a design base to build on and adapt to match your corporate identity.

Have a look at our template designs:


We will agree with you at the outset how many pages you need and what areas of law you require. We can use your existing website copy, or write new copy for your website as part of the package. We can adapt any of our template designs to suit your requirements, but most importantly we will do the work for you

According to research by LexisNexis, 75% of law firms surveyed said that their online marketing activity had been the single most effective solution to generate new clients and retain existing ones. With most saying that they viewed their website as the “central component of their marketing strategy.”

The survey also reports that the majority of smaller firms (up to 20 lawyers) spend an average of £10,000 on their website – and most of the major firms also reported that they re-vamped or intended to re-vamp their websites in a 2 or 3 year cycle.

With Prima legal Marketing’s monthly website and SEO Packages, you can get a new website PLUS localised SEO to improve your search rankings at a fraction of the average cost, with no payments up front with most packages.

Have a look at our Packages and decide which is best for you.

Economy Standard Premium Premier
Technical  Specs
Premium Website Template
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Branded To Your Identity
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content Management System (CMS)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability To Update Website
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Initial Website Pages
15 15 20 25
Ability To Add More Pages
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Setup
(Facebook/ Twitter/Google+)
No Yes Yes Yes
No Yes Yes Yes
Local SEO
No Yes Yes Yes
National SEO
No No Yes Yes
Local Keywords – Search Terms
i.e “Solicitor in Any Town” – individually agreed
0 1 2 4
National Keywords – Search Terms
I.e “Family Lawyers”, “Employment Solicitors” etc – individually agreed
0 0 2 4
Blog Writing
No No 4 Articles 8 Articles
Email Support
No Yes Yes Yes
Website Management Support
No 1 hour 2 hours 4 hours
Setup Cost
£800 0 0 0
Monthly Charge
0 £250 £500 £750
Annual Maintenance Cost
(first charge after 12 months)
£100 £100 £100 0
Minimum Contract
No Contract 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months

For more information, contact Prima Legal Marketing today and we could have your new website up and running within a matter of weeks.

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